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Sometimes it isn’t the complexity of the build, it is the complexity involved in building it

Project Description and Scope

Requiring additional production space for a new state-of-the-art beam saw, TMJ had to remodel their existing factory. Three conjoined buildings were demolished and replaced with a single portal frame building. Whilst the form of construction was relatively straightforward, interconnecting and weathering it to the surrounding buildings was complicated and required high levels of coordination. P11C were appointed as Principle Contractors under the JCT Construction Management Contract. A fast track project delivered in 28 weeks.

TMJ’s Procurement Journey

TMJ had originally tendered the scheme as single stage Design & Build. Not satisfied the tender returns offered best value, TMJ begun work on delivering the project themselves. However, realising their time was better spent managing their own business commitments, after a meeting with the architect they decided a Construction Management route would give them the best of all worlds – control and influence of the project, but with the new Homag bench saw on order, they needed to start on site quickly – both major benefits of Construction Management.

Selecting the Supply Chain

TMJ had trusted and long-standing relationships with their own contractors, most of whom had prior knowledge of the site. This made adopting TMJ’s preferred steelwork, cladding, groundwork and security contractors into the Construction Management process straightforward; a clear demonstration of the flexibility a Construction Management contract can offer since the client can directly influence their choice and preference. Construction Management is about the best solution for all, not what is commercially advantageous to the Principle Contractor. 

Adding Commercial Value

At appointment the project was £650k. A few weeks in, the client added a mezzanine floor. In week 18 the client ‘upgraded’ this floor into a training academy. This required a full Building Regulation design, trade and material procurement just 8 weeks before the Beam Saw installation. 

With our ‘can do’ ethos and collaborative approach Construction Management offers, the new workshop was delivered on the original completion date whilst the fit out of the academy was managed and concluded during the specialist beam saw install period.

Contract Value: £1,000,000 (£650,000 at appointment)
Form of Contract: JCT Construction Management
Appointment: 2019
Duration: 28 weeks
Client: Taylor Made Joinery