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Treading softly over stoney ground

Project Description and Scope

Stone façade cladding began to delaminate from this relatively new building. Following forensic investigations the defect was traced back to a manufacturing fault meaning the entire property had to have the stone façade replaced. P11 Consultants were appointed to act as the clients Contract Administrator and Project Manager for the contract.

Communication critical to success

With almost all flats occupied, effective communication with the multi-stakeholder group was essential to ensure the works were delivered efficiently, safely and with the least amount of distress to the residents. Combined with this, typical with London sites, difficult means of access and rights to airspace required careful negotiation with adjacent owners to allow us access for scaffold.

A collaborative approach

Sensitivity dominated this project – the manufacturer, embarrassed over the original quality issues, the client (who were also landlord and managing agents) responsible not only for his own building, but also to resident’s welfare and safety, the local neighbourhood for material deliveries, working hours, dust and noise control. We acted as the central calming voice ensuring the team took an open, honest and pragmatic approach throughout.

You get out what you put in

The project was delivered ahead of time, with no defects at handover and to the satisfaction to all the stakeholders. This success can be attributed to the attention to detail paid to every aspect and to the commitment and efforts made by everyone to hold a ‘can do’ approach at all times. 

Contract Value: £350,000
Form of Contract: JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016
Appointment: 2017
Duration: 25 weeks
Client: College Crescent Ltd