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New Library for Newmarket Academy

Project Description and Scope

Partnering with Wincer Kievenaar Architects, this scheme started as a competition to design the best library for a strict budget. Successfully winning this stage, Wincer Kievenaar Architects were appointed as lead architect and P11 Consultants as cost consultants / quantity surveyors. Our role was to integrate cost with planning and design stages, followed by managing the financial aspects of the tender and construction process.

Delivering the Client’s brief

The brief was simple – with a strict budget of £1m, maximise every penny to provide the most eye-catching building that delivered exceptional pupil learning experience.  Drawing upon our past Principle Contractor experience, we provided inventive, practical and buildable cost solutions that upheld the architects design aspirations but delivered the project within the tight financial constraints.

A collaborative approach

With a Principal Contractor on board (SEH French), we all agreed from the beginning that only way to successfully deliver this was to approach everything openly, collaboratively and with an understanding manner between all parties.  To achieve this, we orchestrated and led positive, proactive monthly financial update meetings, which kept the client and funder fully briefed throughout entire process.

The lasting legacy of our combined efforts

The school now enjoys an extension to the existing library and refurbishment of the existing.  Constructed in steel and glass this modern building creates a space filled with light. Double height at first floor level, the new building is linked via terraced seating to the refurbished ground floor. The new library incorporates sliding partitions, which creates three different zones that can be used simultaneously whilst the new undercroft also provides an external teaching space.

Contract Value: £1,000,000
Form of Contract: JCT Intermediate Form of Building Contract with Contractors Design 2016
Appointment: 2018
Duration: 38 weeks
Client: Newmarket Academy / Unity Schools Partnership