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Renovation of idyllic Suffolk country cottage

Project history, description and scope

The owners of a modest size farmhouse engaged the architects to design a five-bed property that showcased the stunning surrounding Suffolk landscape.  The design concluded in a wrap round extension with a terrace extending over the natural lake, extensive landscaping and a cart lodge with guest suite above.  We were chosen by the client to act as their Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors to assist them through the project.  Our role included management of the design process for tendering, principle contractor appointment and administering the contract thereafter.

Facilitating remote decision making

With the client’s international business commitments, it meant we often communicated remotely across different time zones. Recognising that the client had periods where they were unavailable, we had to reflect this into our programme and the client decision schedule.

Resolving the unknown, quickly

Whilst the majority of this project was new build, the original house was stripped back to masonry and completely remodeled and renovated.  As one would expect with such works, discovering hidden defects is par for the course with old building renovations.  Despite meticulous pre-construction surveys and inspections, this project encountered a significant number of unexpected technical issues that, amongst others, involved underpinning and roof replacement.  Mindful the client was in rented accommodation, the team worked tirelessly to find the quickest solution on every occasion to minimise the overall impact.

The lasting legacy…

Unless recognised and made a priority, it is very easy to lose sight of the legacy being left behind, which on this occasion is someone’s dream home.  Despite all the technical challenges the existing cottage presented, the level of finish and execution of the specification was always an ultimate goal of this project.  The resulting legacy is a breathtaking house in a picturesque setting that the client will enjoy and cherish for many years.

Contract Value: £1,265,000
Form of Contract: JCT Intermediate Form of Building Contract with Contractors Design 2016
Appointment: 2017
Duration: 60 weeks
Client: Name Witheld